Why this blog?

I became fascinated with personal finance blogs and blogging in 2004/2005.  Life (careers, kids, moves) got in the way and I never started my own blog as I dreamed I would.  In the fullness of time I’ve recently felt a stirring in my soul to pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor to improve our family’s finances and to make a positive change in the world.   In re-reading “Rich Dad Poor Dad” after a ~13 year hiatus I realized I have accumulated mostly liabilities, not assets.  I also read that life favors the bold, and I need to take action if I want to change my trajectory.   I want to commiserate with an online community of like-minded individuals and also offer my knowledge and wisdom to the world.  I have degrees in accounting and finance and have worked in accounting, finance and banking since graduating college.  I’ve made some dumb mistakes as well as some wise moves, and I’d like to share what I know.  I want to keep myself accountable, and encourage others.  For years I’ve voraciously consumed podcasts and books related to investing, real estate, and business and I truly feel I have a unique perspective to offer.

What’s next?

In the next few days I’ll publish a current look at our household’s finances, as well as some further background on our experiences and goals.

Welcome to Requisite Finance – my personal finance blog

Welcome to the beginnings of my personal finance blogging journey.  This blog is at least 13 years overdue…  I’ve been interested in personal finance and investing since I was a child and I wish I would’ve been PF-blogging since I graduated from college in 2003 and started my career and married life.  If so, I think the accountability, research and soul searching (hopefully) would’ve kept me from making some really dumb, expensive mistakes.

Life has gone well.  I’m married to an incredible wife and have 3 awesome kids a good job and a beautiful home.   However, financially I have not done nearly as well as I could have.  We have lots of debt and not nearly enough cash.  Due to mismanagement of our careers and investments our net worth is less than half of what it should’ve been.  I have no idea how we’ll retire with dignity or help our kids through college and early adulthood.  I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired; I’m tired of a scarcity mindset and want to expand and improve my management of our resources.

On this blog I’ll publish our net worth monthly and review our family’s income and expenses.  I’ll ask for honest input and feedback, and will provide mine.

Thank you.